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Our inspection services will ensure that you take all of the preventative measures you need to ensure that your family and home are safe.

The annual security system inspection includes the following:

  • Clean and test all monitored smoke detectors. Smoke detectors that have been in use for 8+ years may be coming to the end of their usable life cycle and should be inspected or replaced.
  • Inspect all monitored Carbon Monoxide devices. Carbon monoxide detectors approaching 5 years old are nearing their end of their usable life cycle and should be inspected or replaced.
  • Inspect all burglary devices.
  • Inspect all key pad and key fob panic buttons.
  • Inspect all environmental devices (excludes heat detectors).
  • Replace wireless device batteries up to a maximum of 5 batteries at no charge - all others at $8.00 each.
  • Inspect the back-up power supply with meter and replace back-up battery if below 4 amps at a 30% discount.
  • Test that all burglary, key pad and key fob panic buttons, smoke detectors and other environmental devices will communicate with Central Monitoring Station.
  • 30% discount off any device that must be replaced.

Get a 30% discount on the installation of additional devices to protect your family and home 24/7 including:*

  • Monitored smoke, carbon monoxide, flood and low temperature detection.
  • Ask about GSM cellular communication devices that protect you in the event you lose telephone service.

Call 1.855.ALARM08 (1.855.252.7608) to learn more our inspection services.

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