Home heating oil resources and FAQs

Our informative how-to guides and educational resources are designed to help you stayed informed on all issues regarding heating oil in your home. Before you call a professional, take a look at some of these home heating oil resources to see if you can get your questions answered without having to spend a dime. We have everything from very basic guides defining some of the key terminology around oil heat appliances and services, to more in-depth articles to help you identify issues and diagnose problems before you call a professional. In the world of home maintenance, knowledge is power. The more you know about how your home operates, the more money and time you can save on house calls and replacements. If you're looking for a home heating oil prices, equipment or delivery, discover Petro's comprehensive heating oil services

Heating Oil System vs. Natural Gas Heat - The Facts You Need To Know

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The homeowners' guide to propane vs. natural gas: a comparison of differences, cost, efficiency and safety

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Full service vs. discount heating oil (Infographic)

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Green heat: eco-friendly home heating options

“Dirty” home heating options and older heating systems are inefficient and, t... Read full story ›

Heating Oil and Propane Delivery Tips

Snow and packed ice make it challenging to access your home for deliveries. T... Read full story ›

Home heating oil: it is a great value

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Choosing a heating oil service provider: the hidden cost of a bargain

If you live in a four season part of the country and the winters typically ar... Read full story ›

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